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For 25 years of my life I worked in the logistics industry. I was lucky enough to be promoted in 2016 which brought us down to the Newnan, GA area. The greatest adventure of my life was beginning in November of 2017 in which I was welcoming my new son into the world. Shortly before his birth, I was informed I was no longer needed at my job. I was devastated losing a job of 25 years, but I was also relieved to no longer have to work 15 hour days and miss my son growing up. I decided to turn this into a positive experience and take this opportunity to start my own business, hence Dixie Dogz was created. My wife and I decided to start this adventure as a way to pay tribute to the many rescue dogs we have adopted over the years. We decided to name our business after our most challenging adoption to date; her name is Dixie. Prior to us adopting her, she had been adopted and returned to the shelter 4 different times. We were her 5th home in her short 1st year of life. I can only imagine what she went through. Dixie had a severe case of separation anxiety prior to joining our family. Two years later, after many personal items destroyed and earning her trust, she has since recovered and is a very happy member of our family.




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